What clients are saying about us.

Marty has referred dozens of satisfied clients to Jamison Law Group through the years. Marty Laffer is a principal in the Century City office of Clifton, Larson & Allen. Since 1982 Mr. Laffer has focused his practice in financial litigation and tax controversy, with an emphasis on white-collar criminal defense and accounting malpractice. Mr. Laffer is a former special agent and group manager of the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division.

Marty Laffer Testimonial

Justin and Judy hired Jamison Legal Group in March of 2019 to repair their credit.  Justin’s score went up 106 points in 60 days and his wife Judy’s went up 121 points in 60 days. Listen in their own words how Jamison Legal Group transformed their lives.

Rino and his Wife were clients of ours several times.  They were real Estate Investors that always needed miracles to happen since they already had several mortgages on each of their credit reports and new blemishes would pop up on their credit from time to time..  We were able to increase their scores as needed in order to get them financed on every investment.  Listen to Rino tell it.

Rino Jonay - Client

John Kratsas is a Realtor and long-time referral partner of ours with a long list of satisfied clients.  Here what he has to say about Jamison Legal Group

John Kratsas- Realtor

Sam wanted to buy a car but couldn’t get approved due to a repossession and other issues.  We increased his score and got the repossession removed within 90 days and he was approved for his new car he wanted.

Sam Farmerie- Client