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Your Free Consultation

Our Initial Credit Consultation Is Free.  We Will Educate You On Why Your Credit Score Isn’t Higher, And Give You The Option To Hire Us After. Click HERE to get a free credit consultation.


Our Guarantee

Since all work is done by Attorneys specializing in Credit Law, Repair, and Consumer Protection! It will be done RIGHT, in the least amount of time, with the BEST results!

We guarantee our reduced rates are LESS than any comparable service available today upon completion!

The fees for our service is:

Months 1 to 3

$199 per month (but we will discount your fee for what it costs to subscribe to IdentityIQ*) -$22 = $177.00 per month per client

Months 3 to 6

$99.50 per month (but we will discount your fee for what it costs to subscribe to IdentityIQ*)-$22 = $77.50 per month, per client

Months 6 to completion

$49.75 per month (but we will discount your fee for what it costs to subscribe to IdentityIQ*)-$22 = $27.75 per month (if needed), per client



*We have automated our technology to import IdentityIQ credit reports that gives you all 3 credit bureaus and your 3 FICO Vantage Scores, including updates to all 3 credit reports and scores every 40 days.  We will get every point possible out of the credit score in the shortest time-frame possible; we’ve done this successfully for over 20 years!  The top tier IdentityIQ service normally costs $29.99 per month, but you can use our discount link HERE to get it for a $1 “7-day trial” that renews at only $22 ( not $29.99) per-month until you cancel.  

What We Offer!


We offer a “Free, No-Risk”  Credit Consultation


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Attorney Edward Jamison

Founder – Jamison Law Group & Identity

Theft Solutions

Edward Jamison is A graduate of Duquesne University School of Law, the founder of Jamison Law Group and Identity Theft Solutions. He is an attorney who is nationally recognized as an expert in consumer credit, credit scoring, and identity theft.​

Edward has been featured on NBC’s Emmy Award winning television show Starting Over as their credit expert multiple times. A prolific author, his articles appear frequently in national magazines such as the Scotsman Guide, Mortgage Market Guide, Mortgage Press, Mortgage Planner Magazine and Broker Banker. In 2004, Edward was certified by the State Bar of California and the California Department of Real Estate to provide continuing education seminars on the subject of credit scoring. 

As an attorney, Edward has helped thousands of clients with Identity Theft and credit related legal issues. He is considered the attorney of choice for credit matters at companies such as Platinum Capital, Chase, Merrill Lynch and numerous law firms. With CreditCRM, a company Edward sold in 2009, Edward packaged his years of credit knowledge and experience with the same systems he used to run his own practice and made them available to Mortgage Brokers to start their own credit consulting business. 

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