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Dear Client,

Thank you for your interest in signing up for Identity Theft Protection from Identity Theft Solutions.  By signing below, you agree that you are not currently a victim of Identity Theft.  Identity Theft Solutions only covers you for items that appear on your credit report after the signing of this contract while your subscription is active.  If you cancel in the future, you will only be covered if the Identity Theft items appeared on your credit report during the time you were subscribed to our service.

Our Promise:  Identity Theft Solutions will pay all fees and billable hours charged by Jamison Law Group to clean up your credit should you become a victim of Identity Theft while covered.  If you or a household member is victimized in the future, you or they need to go to the following link to get started filing the claim

If Jamison Law Group fails to remove all theft related items on your credit report within 90-days from the time they request and receive the documents needed to get started (i.e Social proof, address proof, list of theft related items, notarized affidavit provided to client upon client notifying us that they were a victim of Identity Theft), then Identity Theft Solutions will refund every dollar you paid us during the current coverage period; for example:  If you paid Identity Theft Solutions $25 per month for 3 years and Jamison Law Group fails to get every theft related item removed from all 3 major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax & Trans Union) on either yours or a household member’s credit reports, then Identity Theft Solutions in this case would write you a check for $900.  Not only that, but Jamison Law Group will continue to work on removing the items for another 6 months.  Refunds are only given if you paid Identity Theft Solutions for your coverage.  If your coverage was provided or paid for by a 3rd party, the refund doesn’t apply to you since you didn’t pay for the coverage.


Edward Jamison, Esq.
Founder – Identity Theft Solutions



By signing below, you are agreeing to the terms on this page.

By signing below, You “the client” also agree that we are permitted to charge your credit card or debit card that you provided during check-out on our shopping cart HERE ( * if applicable) until you cancel.

  • if applicable, since some clients receive our protection via a bulk purchase where a 3rd party pays for it. This is only relevant if you entered your credit card at our shopping cart before or after signing this contract.

Client can cancel this subscription at any time by sending an email to along with your name, address and phone number in the email.  Once we receive your cancellation request, we will instantly stop all future charges and your coverage won’t expire until the 30th day from the last charge.

If you received our coverage from a 3rd party that paid or gifted you a subscription, there is no need to cancel since we charged the 3rd party for whatever time-period they gave you coverage for.  Identity Theft Solutions will send you an email before that coverage period expires to give you the opportunity to continue your coverage without interruption by purchasing it at that time.  You only need to cancel subscriptions that you paid for with your credit or debit card.

Client agrees to be legally bound by the terms in this agreement and agrees that they have fully read and agree with all items and terms in this “Client Agreement” on this page and on page 1 above.