Step 1 – Get Your IdentityIQ Credit Report

We will give you a free consultation once you send us your IdentityIQ credit report.  Our system is designed to easily import and parse information from the IdentityIQ 3 bureau credit report;  Use the link below to get a $1 trial for 7 days that you can cancel at any time.  If you don’t cancel, its $21.99 per month after 7 days, which is $8 less than their normal monthly fee of $29.99.  You will get all 3 credit reports and all 3 FICO Vantage Scores with IdentityIQ.  Get your IdentityIQ subscription for only $1 for the first 7 days at You can cancel this subscription at any time

Step 1 Step 2 -Download your IdentityIQ 3-bureau report

We need you to download your 3-Bureau credit report once you sign-up for IdentityIQ.  See the images below to see how to do that.

Once we receive your credit report, we’ll call or email you within a few hours.  You can always call us anytime at 561-444-9669

Step 4 – Send us the payment amount we agreed upon for our service.  You can either use PayPal or any major credit card at our payment page below

Step 5 – Complete and return the New Client Package located HERE once you’ve completed the steps above so we can start your file